All forms of nicotine implicated in SIDS, study says

Previous studies have shown a clear link between prenatal smoking and SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. Now, new research suggests exposure to nicotine by any route, whether patches or electronic cigarettes, might also be implicated in crib or cot death.

Sudden infant death syndrome is one of the leading causes of infant death during the first year of life, although the reasons are still unknown. SIDS is a diagnosis that’s given for the sudden and unexpected death of a seemingly healthy baby under 12 months of age that typically happens while sleeping.

Prenatal smoking seems to compromise a survival mechanism in the early months of life. Exposure to nicotine in the womb affects the developing brain centres that regulate breathing. Newborns may have trouble responding to oxygen deprivation, for example, from getting tangled in bedding, during a minor illness or because of some…

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