Canadiens future is bleak for Charles Hudon | HI/O Bonus – Montreal Video

published: 2019-04-14 10:15:01

In this bonus episode, our panelists — Gazette columnist Stu Cowan, former Canadien Chris Nilan, CBC Daybreak Montreal’s Jessica Rusnak and host Adam Susser — talk about players who they think might have played their last game with the Canadiens.

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  1. Too many kids coming up changing of the guard in MTL

  2. We need size and some winners in the organization. If I m a superstar playerI want to play for Yzerman, Bowman, Sakic, Brendan Shanahan , etc….Where is Lemaire, Bowman, Lafleur, Savard, Nilan, Pierre Mcguire, Gainey, Robinson, Roy, etc…..

    Bring them all in as consultants to talk to players often like every single day. Share what it takes to be a winner. How to win the attitude. Lafleur to mentor Drouin on how to succeed as a French Canadian superstar with skill in Montreal.

    Nilan on how to be a good teammate and how to stick up for each other and how to defend yourself and each other. Gainey on how to be a good captain for future captain Gallagher. Robinson Lemaire Savard on how to play defence team defence. So much money is un -invested pay them all 1 million a year as consultants as a reward for their service and to show we take care of our players even after playing days are over.

    SPEND THE MONEY WELL SPENT ON THE BEST THING YOU CAN…..WISDOM!!!!!! 7 million unspent on the cap and much more in the front office. There is no cap in the front office…Bring in the winners bring back the cup!

    BTW Tampa will be eliminated by Columbus and that puts an end to 76 Canadiens comparison, there is none.

    Players can t relate to a 4th line journeyman as gm and farm team head coach. Is that the best we can find to mentor our young players?

    Why is Lafleur not at every home game and respected as an ex legend , etc…Why is there no more connect to winners in this organization. Winners want to be around winners superstars want to be around superstars. Birds of a feather flock together. Right now the feather is 4th line players feel right at home as Bergevin is an expert at 4th line players being one himself.

    I cannot believe the most storied name in hockey and we can t get real players real winners that have a thirst for real hockey in a real hockey city to come here. It is certainly not the emblem but most probably the organization is not appealing to superstars. Players win championships good players developed by past sacred wisdom. We want some real hockey real winner real winning hockey !!!

    Chris Nilan 1986 didn t an old time Hab come into the dressing room after every victory to remind the team they hadn t won anything yet .Did he not famously come into the dressing room after you guys won the cup and say" You haven t won anything yet"! Because he was a winner and he won many Stanley cups in a row. His message was 1 cup is still not having won anything….WE should aim for a dynasty and supremecy and it IS Not Bouchard or Bergevin that s gonna get us there……

    My 2 cents….Chris Nilan the best player with most heart I ever saw play, NILAAAAN NILLLAAAN WE WOULD CHANT AND OUR CHAMPION WOULD COME ON AND DEFEND OUR EMBLEM AND HIS TEAMMATES NEVER FAILED……….You should be a special consultant to all the small players on this team on how to defend themselves as some of them are deserving of some good advice…BYRON…Gallagher ……big big hearts they need support…

    The torch is not being passed by champions to our players….Bergevin and Bouchard don t have a torch to pass…….Our legends do …bring them in with respect they deserve and let them pass their wisdom knowledge let our heroes pass the torch!

    "to you from failing hands we throw the torch be yours to hold it high,"

  3. Hudon been a disappointment. He should of had the skill to play in NHL. Something must have went wrong. Either injuries earlier in his career or work ethic/attitude. I don't know which.

  4. Jen totally got caught forgetting Kulak was an RFA as opposed to a UFA. Lol

  5. Need a big tough line so the smaller guys don't get knocked around

  6. Hudon is a good young hockey player, but not what the Habs need right now. He'll make good trade bait. I'd put him up with Drouin to see what the offers would be. A good goal-scoring power forward would tempt me.

  7. lol id like to see thompson back.. u should be fired from the show.

  8. The whole teams future is bleak


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