01/08/19 Condensed Game: Canadiens @ Red Wings – Montreal Video

published: 2019-01-09 05:09:26

Extended highlights of the Montreal Canadiens at the Detroit Red Wings

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Watch the original Montreal Video here

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  1. get Second comment. I`m Japanese iceman

  2. I really enjoy watching montreal this year, but I dont know why, this game sounded boring to watch.

  3. Redwings flop on every hit only reason thy were in That game was soft calling. I don’t even like the Habs but cmon it’s hockey stop faking like ur guards are on

  4. Who is the guy saying "Oh! Boy" all the time it's not going the Wings way? He cracks me up … In a nice way,

  5. Niemi winner in 3 of his last 4.

  6. Blashill isn’t getting it done. What now bomb for drafts..

  7. I feel sorry for the Wings fans for having to listen to that really bad announcer

  8. Stupid Original Six! Sorry La Victoire Montréalaise

  9. As good a game as could be with the talent these 2 teams have !

  10. The Wings suck donkey balls this year.

  11. Dumb red wing announcers, it wasn’t a ‘broken play’. It was a sweet move by Domi and a nice wrist shot


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